"We deliver high quality products and services satisfying specific needs of our respective customers."

- Our Mission Statement

Our process

Here you can see our simplified process of how we create our products.

1. Forest

Our company is located in an area where oak and beech forests are very common. Before we start cutting down the forests, we make sure that the forest can grow enough and even bigger.

2. Round wood

Our professional loggers make sure that our beeches and oaks are delivered to us as roundwood. These lay the foundation for our production.

3. Sawmill

Now the wood has to be cut into different lengths and sizes. For this we use precise and advanced machines. It is also important to us that a high level of safety is provided for our workers.

4. timber

After the wood has been sawn into various sizes and lengths, these are carefully and well-organized.

5. drying chamber

Now the most important part is: the drying of the wood. Here it is very important that different products need various drying periods in the drying chamber. The wood dries here for about one to two months.

6. solid wood plates

When the wood is finished drying, these are wood panels. They lay the foundation for our production, as we can go from them in different directions. Sometimes customers just want to buy these boards. But in the largest case our product portfolio is built from them.

7. Final products

Now that the plates have laid the foundation, we use them to build our product portfolio. This consists of tables, chairs, nightstands, chests and more. Take a look at our portfolio for yourself:

Get to know VeTo

The key to a confident investment is to understand the company. So it’s very important that you get to know us better: our background, our current situation and our founder.

Our Vision

Before investing into a company you have to know, where the company is heading to. Here you can see our vision and plans for this company.

Get in touch

We are a big believer in authenticity & transparency. So if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you about that. Just write us an e-mail or call us.