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Context: In 1998 Tomislav Tomic founded the wood precessing company named Vedrana LLC (in Croatia). After starting the production in 2011 we grew the company year after year. But in 2018 we had to sell the company. Now we want to reclaim our company and rebuild it.

A summary

We are a wood processing company that operates on an integrated site and produces solid wood panels, solid furniture and floorings. The product portfolio today includes a wide range of wooden plates and panels.
Our Company is privately owned and the production facilities located in Croatia. With approximatly 110 employees the Company was very profitable in 2017, however there is a certain need for reorganization.

Currently, the company does not use full production capacities. Therefore there is a potential for a significant increase in production capacity and extension of the production assortment.

Current situation

Every year since 2012 we grew even bigger and our revenue increased. With our new investement we will upgrade our machines & rebuild this company so that we can produce even more results & products. With investments we want to fulfill this huge potential.

The perfect logistic location

Our company is 2km away from the highway A3 /E70. We can easily reach our important places Zagreb (100km) & Beograd (250km). This helps a lot with transportation, since Zagreb also has an airport.

The perfect material location

We are also located in a unique raw material area where we can find many oaks and beeches forests. Since sustainability is a key value of ours, we don’t destroy forests. We use them very cautious and give them enough time to regrow.

Our philosophy

Renewable energy & sustainability is a very big value of ours. We want to help the world by producing our energy with our ressources. With our 10.000 m2 area of solar penals we produce more energy than we use. We also generate energy by burning the biomass generated by our production. If we use less than we produce, we sell this energy.

About the founder

Tomislav Tomic

Tomislav Tomic is the founder of VeTo LLC. He is an experienced entrepreneur and speacializes in the wood industry. He is a huspand and a father or four children. 

In 1998 he founded Vedrana LLC and started the production in 2011. He built and grew his company from 2011 to 2018. He had to sell Vedrana LLC in 2018. Because of the sale, his company was suffering and started getting ineffective. Now he wants to reclaim his company and build it up with better machines and products.

"We deliver high quality products and services satisfying specific needs of our respective customers."

- Our Mission Statement

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We are a big believer in authenticity & transparency. So if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you about that. Just write us an e-mail or call us.