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2-/3- Layer-Parquett

Parquet is a high-quality floor covering made of wood. For the processing mainly hardwoods are used, often oak or beech.
Today there are two main types of wooden flooring: solid parquet or multilayer parquet.

1. solid parquet is the traditional way of laying a wooden floor. It consists completely of one piece of wood. After the laying of solid parquet the floor covering is partly not yet finished. It is then sanded and sealed on site. Originally the planks were nailed, screwed or glued. In the past, this was usually without a firm connection between them, which can be seen in the gaps between the planks, e.g. in old farmhouses. Because wood is a living material, wooden floors react more strongly to temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. In the winter the parquet shrinks, in the summer it swells up rather. These fluctuations are much more pronounced with solid wood floors.

2. multi-layer parquet is the modern variant of plank flooring. This type has many advantages, as the floor works significantly less and is environmentally friendly due to lower resource consumption: the structure can be two- or three-layer. The visible upper layer is called the wear layer and it is made of carefully selected, high-quality precious wood. Below this layer is the middle layer and possibly a third layer, usually of coniferous wood. They improve the stability, especially when the middle layer is transverse. This more stable multi-layer structure also allows the installation of a click connection, which is characteristic of today’s easy-to-lay parquet floors.

Solid Oak/Beech Plates (massiv)

Glued boards with continuous lamellas are boards glued from at least 50mm smaller pieces of wood, where the continuous lamellas are glued together. It is possible to obtain different types and dimensions of boards on request, while standard dimensions are available in production or stock.

Finger-jointed boards

Finger-jointed boards are boards glued from smaller pieces of wood (lamellas), where the lamellas are first glued in length and then crosswise.
These finger-jointed panels are available in beech and oak. Finger-jointed panels have many advantages. There are unlimited sizes and the larger the board, the higher the yield of the board. Also the swelling and shrinkage of the board is minimal due to the small lamellas in the board.

Finger-jointed tops can be used in several ways, most often in production of furniture, stairs, worktops, table tops, kitchen worktops, etc.


We manifacture tables and benches, nightsstands and chests of drawers and beds. 
Our tables are made of several types of solid wood (beech, oak, ash, cherry and walnut). Their design is modern, envisioned for your contemporary dining room. 
Our beds are made of solid wood. Furniture quality is evident in every detail, and the customer can choose and combine bed parts for a specific look. 
Our premium quality is evident in our nightstands and chests of drawers too. 


Wood briquette unlike other products of the same purpose has excellent power of heating and heat inside the furnace maintains for a very long time. Because of its natural characteristics and thanks to its high density and low water content, it burns more slowly and with less smoke from traditional firewood for example. VEDRANA LLC, briquettes fully meet the strict environmental standards and are renewable sources of energy.

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object furnishings

Object furnishing includes continuous sequence of design, projecting, manufacturing and other processes required for the final stage of furniture manufacturing. The aim and priority in the furnishing of buildings is close cooperation with designers and architects within the projects, following and implementing innovations and trends on the world market, application and use of various materials and their integration into a unit of the production process (e.g. glass, wood, stainless steel, MDF, etc.).

The whole process of the building equipment also includes delivery and assembly according to the “turnkey” principle.


With VeTo Fulda LLC, as a potential business partner, you get a reliable and absolutely faithful partner with all the advantages of being a company in the solid wood furniture industry:
the best quality raw materials from the region, production at the highest industrial standard as well as professional skills in project planning, flexibility in product development and detail perfection for each, our, final, product. 

We are focused on the most challenging needs of our customers and are flexible in the production according to given design drafts or according to our design department proposals. Our products are manufactured according to the highest environmental regulations and offer the best price-performance ratio. We think long-term in every respect, it is with our customers as well as with our valued employees. 

With VeTo Fulda LLC, you are on the right path of long-term and fair cooperation!

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