Our Mission

is to meet the needs of all stakeholders, present and future, in the economic, environmental and social direction of sustainable development.

Our vision & plans

Reclaiming & rebuilding

Vedrana LLC is a profitable company with a lot of potential. Since we founded the company we know it better than anyone and how it works. We want to rebuild the company and transform it into a ten times bigger company.
The company requires some upgrades & reinstallments. 

You can see what we are going to do after we have reclaimed our company.

Our Mission

The mission which is in line with the principles of sustainable development, was born out of the former mission with the theme: “To create long term relationships with customers and consumers by providing them with unique innovative products and services tailored to their individual needs and requirements. The management of the shops is dedicated to the establishment of new market trends, which are based on economic stability and the and constant development.”


The vision is to make VeTo Fulda LLC a modern, innovative and effective international company. With our own know-how we develop a recognizable and respected brand which is a synonym for quality and effective solutions for companies and institutions as well as private customers.

What we do with the investment

New Cogeneration & solar energy system

  • Cogeneration system - power 1,5 MW of electric energy + 4,5 MW of heating energy
  • Solar system - power 1 MW of electric energy,

New production machinery & equipment

  • Drying chambers 1.500 m3 | Steaming chambers 300 m3
  • Machines for production of multilayer floors and parquets,
  • Automatic paintbrush; CNC machines line
  • Automatic line for Flooring and Parquet production

Workforce & Marketing

  • 110+ ambitious and driven Employees
  • Creation & Management of a modern online shop for online purchases
  • Marketing on Facebook & Google

Get in touch

We are a big believer in authenticity & transparency. So if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you about that. Just write us an e-mail or call us.